Kenny Koala

For more than three decades, Constable Kenny has been a prominent and well-received figure within the ACT community. Acting as a 'trusted' character, Constable Kenny plays a pivotal role in addressing various safety concerns, particularly emphasising the importance of 'Staying Ok' through informed decision-making and understanding the implications of their choices.

Image Credits: Katherine Griffiths, Canberra Times

The primary goal of the Constable Kenny Koala program is to educate children on a diverse range of safety themes. By targeting children between the ages of three to twelve, the program aims to instil vital safety knowledge at an early age, promoting lifelong safety habits. Furthermore, the program seeks to encourage children to view the police as a reliable source of help and advice, thereby fostering stronger community engagement. To achieve its objectives, the Constable Kenny Koala program utilises an interactive and engaging approach. Through age-appropriate activities, presentations, and storytelling, Constable Kenny captivates the young audience, making learning an enjoyable experience.

The Objective

Being a not-for-profit organisation, AFP Legacy relies on the proceeds from merchandise sales and various fundraising activities to extend much-needed support and assistance to AFP legatees. In addition, custom-made collectibles, or merchandise, such as this would accelerate the message behind the program and incentivise young kids to get involved.

AFP Legacy partnered with BrandPro to undertake the design and production of Constable Kenny Koala collectibles, dressed in five unique attires representing various police activities and divisions. This collection marked the remarkable 8th series of Kenny Koala bear products.

The primary aim of this collaboration was to revitalise Constable Kenny Koala, infusing it with a captivating appeal suitable for ACT Policing's educational promotions and events. The objective was to create bears that were not only engaging but also distinct, effectively capturing the diverse uniforms and roles within the AFP.


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The Process

The process involved working with AFP subject matter experts in deciding key elements to include in the design to ensure the uniform accurately reflects current policing yet is engaging with younger audiences. The discussions to get design-accuracy and engaging product continued for all five different uniforms that includes – Summer Uniform, K9 Dog handler, tactical uniform, and more.

  • Digital Mockup of Kenny Koala Summer Uniform
  • Digital Mockup of Kenny Koala K9 Dog Handler
The Deliverables and Outcomes

The 'bear' initially brought financial support to AFP Legacy, but it has evolved beyond that. The bears continue to be widely used in ACT Policing’s educational events and have broadened the engagement with younger audiences. You can book a visit from Constable Kenny through the official website. Constable Kenny Koala has now become a beloved and widely recognised icon, embraced by both children and adults. It serves as a physical representation of the valuable lessons learned and has found its place in numerous households as a cherished toy and display item.

Currently, each Constable Kenny Koala ‘bear’ is a police officer and reflects a sworn role available within the Australian Federal Police. Our team delivered value in the form of five unique bear designs with 5,000 units manufactured in total.

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